ICMT 2017 - Inferring Complex In-place Model Transformation Rules

Case Study
Tool Installation
Tool Quick Introduction

Overview of the Tooling Supporting our Approach

We implemented the inference approach presented in the paper in Java, using a MySQL database as back-end to efficiently handle large (numbers of) rules. In principle, our approach is open to (i) any modelling environment and visual editing tool being used for specifying example transformations, and (ii) the model transformation system for executing the inferred transformation rules.

We provide implementations of the general components for integrating the approach with an MDE tool environment (TypeImporter, InstanceImporter, RuleExporter) for the widely used Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and the rule-based model transformation language and system Henshin, respectively.

For demonstrating example transformations, we use the visual UML editor Papyrus, which is based on an Ecore-based implementation of the the UML Superstructure Specification. We employ a state-based approach for deriving the corresponding elements in the original and the changed model version of an example using persistent unique identifiers (UUIDs) as provided by Papyrus.